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  1. Today I had the pleasure ,honor and Blessing to meet several people associated with Blackfin Boats at the Southwest International in-water Boat show in League city, Texas. I was first attracted by the beauty and style of the Blackfin boat, then I met Ray Guy, Brian and Mark (a senior engineer with Blackfin boats). Their commitment and passion to build a quality boat for a reasonable price was immediately evident once I stepped on board the Blackfin 242CC. Man I was hooked. The craftsmanship,fit and finish are easily perceived. No matter where I looked, the latches,hinges, the thickness of the compartment lids, all are well though out and solidly built. The attention to detail is amazing, whether it is the design of the live well,the collapsible cleats ,the hinges on all compartment lids to the true marine head. I found myself looking for lapses in the details (where the devil lives ) and I could not find one area of the boat that had not been considered, designed for maximum performance and durability. Then factor in the passion and commitment that Ray, Brian and Mark have for boat building ,fishing and boating and I was all in. In fact,even though we had budgeted and timed a boat purchase for late fall 2018, we will be striking a deal in the morning!!! Ray was more than willing to meet with us the next day, Sunday morning to make this happen as I work 6 days a week and had to take a day off to attend the boat show on Saturday. So Lord willing I will b be logging on as a new Blackfin owner in the very near future!!!:) Aloha, Mikel
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