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  2. We dry stack our boat at a local marina. The marina crew clean below the waterline and flush engines with haul out after each use. It's a beautiful boat, brand new, and we want it to look that way for a long time. Also prior the marina crew handling, we clean above the waterline and all of the topside with freshwater and boat brush. The boat was detailed prior to delivery 3 months ago, but we are already seeing rust at the base of the cleats, steel grab bars and swim ladder. Locker pulls, hinges and screws are fine (including the floor). We have a wax and detail scheduled in a couple of weeks, but I was surprised to see rust in just 3 months. We caught it early, but I'm worried it will be a constant battle over time. Has anyone else had this experience?
  3. joe

    My new Blackfin

    that's great , i recently purchased the same boat at Carolina Outboard , love it but do you feel it swaying back and forth a lot i had to use the trim tabs a lot to keep it steady . how about you ? and the boat was well balanced
  4. Hello, How does one go about trying to come up with a price range for a 1992 29’ Combi in good shape? Would a surveyor be the best source?? Thanks!
  5. Jtbreland

    My new Blackfin

    I recently purchased a new 2019 Blackfin 242 from Paradise Marine in Gulf Shores Alabama. I bought this boat as an upgrade from my 1998 Mako 232. I have been super impressed with the quality and attention to detail that Blackfin put into this boat. The team at Paradise Marine was a pleasure to deal with, and did an outstanding job with my electronics package installation. I am looking forward to many more great days on the water with my Blackfin
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