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  2. I ordered a 332 earlier this year and the boat arrived earlier than expected. There was one issue, however, when the boat arrived. I ordered the front sun shade but it did not come with the boat. I have been waiting since late April and cannot get a definitive answer on the delivery/installation date. The boat itself is great. Easy to drive, respectable cruise and top end speeds, and I am always receiving compliments.
  3. Purchase just before Covid in April 2020. Named her Social Distancing. Get out on her at least weekly. Boat is AMAZING. Awesome ride. Takes chop (even in the north east) easily and softly. Beautiful as well as Beastly. Hits 62Mph, comfortable, all the gadgets, no rattles, turns heads. 2 people at my marina now want one. Open offers to buy mine. I cant find any reason to regret the purchase. Also, the Blackfin team has been amazing anytime I have a question.
  4. Hi, I purchased a 2021 332 cc in October last year arriving at the end of February 2021 , looking for reassurance on the purchase, thanks Gino
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